Optic Fusion has recently decided to support EverGreen Options the green power program offered by Tacoma Power. Green power is electricity generated from renewable, non-polluting resources such as wind and solar power. Tacoma Power urges individuals and companies to purchase and support green power in order to build a better climate and environment.

Why buy EverGreen Options?

EverGreen Options is for the consumer who cannot afford to install their own renewable generating system. Tacoma Power offers individuals and businesses the opportunity to purchase green, non-polluting renewable power for an affordable price.

What is EverGreen Options?

EverGreen Options is Tacoma Power’s green power program. Tacoma Power offers its customers the opportunity to support electricity generated by sustainable, renewable power sources that have a minimal impact on the earth’ natural resources. EverGreen Options is supplied by Renewable Energy Certificate and obtains it environmentally sound power from North Western resources such as Walla Walla County, WA, Gilliam County, OR and Sherman County, OR. Optic Fusion decided that as the leading Colocation Company in Tacoma it was their duty to support environmentally friendly power and for only 1.2 cents per kilowatt-hour.