Optic Fusion

Facility Upgrades

At Optic Fusion we continually upgrade our facilities in order to provide excellent infrastructure for our customers.

In October 2009, we upgraded from a 275 kw generator to a Cummins 500kw generator. This upgrade includes an electronic start, digital control panel, and a remote annunciator. In addition, we designed and installed a dual battery system for redundant starting capability.

In April of 2010 we added a 70-ton Aaon Cooling unit with advanced controls, which increased our HVAC cooling capacity to 110 tons. The installation included hot air exhausting for constant air cumulation and displacement /every 60 seconds/ within our colocation room.

Finally, our staff has engineered multiple instances of custom, purpose-built software to monitor all of our major systems, including our generator, HVAC, ATSs, down to the individual UPSs that feed each customer's cabinet. This level of monitoring allows us to protectively support changes within the environment.

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