Bitcoin is gaining popularity and Optic Fusion, Inc. is excited to be on the leading edge of virtual currency acceptance. We have a lot of new and existing customers ask questions about Bitcoin, and the one that keeps coming up is when are we going to start accepting them? Well, that time is now!

Although there is an inherent risk accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment, we understand the technology and believe in its value. Additionally, there are many benefits of accepting Bitcoin, including low fees, easy transactions, and anonymity. There are very few companies in Washington accepting Bitcoin and we want our customers to have the option to pay with a cutting edge digital currency that is user friendly.

We have been involved with bitcoins for several years. As a company, we have hosted mining rigs, developed mining plans, and even owned several mining rigs. Our employees understand how Bitcoin works and can help customers understand the process. We are excited about the unique opportunity to accept Bitcoin and are looking forward to making our first digital currency transaction.